Monday, May 25, 2015


Voice is life,
breath touching the world.
Tells memories,
makes sense and meaning,
the world it sees.

Violence and hatred,
oppression and domination.
Silence turns into
compliance turns into confusion
turns into sickness,
in voice.
Isolates, suffocates,
kills life.

Life gives
and gives
new breath,
expands voice,
grows strong.
Spreads light
and love,
breaks silence.

Voice names
silence as violence.
Life gives breath,
touches pain,
clears confusion.
Voice transforms
into song,
a sweet melody
dances with breath,
gentle and clear.

Voice is strong,
breath touches life,
grows fierce.
Dispels oppression
and hate,
with breath
knows love.
Power and truth,
rises up,
flies free,
thrives in
victory breath.

Peace to you.
Photo Credit to Harmony Santana from the NYTimes.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Magnolia Blossoms

Magnolia blossoms reach up to the sky,
drifting their beautiful scent towards me.
I breathe in with pleasure and relief,
the smell of fresh new buds and petals,
pollen and pistil.
Traveling through my nostrils,
reaching into my core,
connecting me to the earth.

My dear mother earth, from which we come.
Your magnolia blossoms,
beautiful and true,
connect and complete us,
belonging to you.
I've felt a new wave of life and energy these past few weeks as the buds have bloomed and the trees, grown tall with green. I'll be spending time in Ohio and Colorado this summer, to be with my dear mother Earth and family :o) 
Peace and blessings to you.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I've had five days of perfect weather in the white national forest and I couldn't ask for anything more :) The climbs were definitely tough and my body is feeling the wear and tear from the ups and downs on the mainly rocks and roots. But the beauty made up for it and I'm definitely excited for the next 300 miles.

The white national forest is home to Mt. Washington, the highest peak in New England with a reputation for having the world's worst weather as it stands at the meeting point of the northeast, Midwest and southeast weather currents. Luckily for me, I had blue skies and a warm sunny day when I summited. I left the mountain with a bit of wind burn and an enormous feeling of empowerment. With less than 300 miles to go before I finish my hike, I've been feeling quite overwhelmed with emotions of joy, awe, amazement, pride and accomplishment. Since 2009, this hike has not been easy by any means. It has challenged me emotionally, physically, and mentally but it has also given me so much at the same time. A renewed sense of trust in life and humanity; and the understanding that if I put my mind, body and soul into something, I can achieve anything in this life of mine. I think this is the most powerful gift I've received on this trail and it leaves me driven to pursue the dreams I have within me.

It's been an amazing journey. I am about 15 miles away from the new hampshire-maine border. As I cross into Maine, I'll be entering an even more rugged and remote terrain. I feel confident going in as I've gained so much skill and knowledge into what it takes to be a mountain woman-to be a Gaucha :)

Some photos from the whites-enjoy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hanover, New Hampshire

Gaucha's back!

It's been two weeks of hiking and I've gone 225 miles with 440 miles to go till I reach Mt Katahdin! I started my hike with friend Cat. We hiked through southern MA, into central MA where the ponds and usually bugs abound. Luckily for us, however, the bugs were not bad. It was definitely hot and humid but the breeze and ponds made up for it :) It was a great section overall and I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to hike with her.

The trail in MA is definitely lovely but when I hit the MA/VT border, the trail definitely reached a whole new level of loveliness. Everyday I felt like I was hiking through this green lush paradise. The pine forests, mountains, creeks and streams are all covered in this beautiful soft moss and with the sun sprinkling in, it creates a hiker's heaven. No wonder they call the section the "Green Mountain Wilderness" :) The trail cuts through the wilderness and over some beautiful peaks, one of them being Killington Peak, the second tallest in Vermont. I was lucky enough to camp right at the summit and catch both the sunset and sunrise :)

At the border of NH and VT, I'm about to enter the Whites. Considered the most challenging and rugged section of the entire trail, I'll be bouldering hand over hand with my pack strapped tight to my back and my shoes laced nice and tight. Bring it!

Happy trails ya'll and GO OUT FOR A HIKE :) It's summer!!!!!!

(below are some pics of my hike thus far-enjoy!)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

My home sweet home.
The beautiful land of Cleveland, Ohio where the winters are too long, the sky is nearly always cloudy, the streets are full of potholes and empty parking lots. Why humans continue to make this town their habitat, I don't know. Perhaps it is the resilience and endurance these wretched winters render. Or perhaps it is the comradery created from cars continuously getting stuck in icy ditches or the Browns losing yet another season. Whatever it is, it continues to bring people back to the snow belt. And it will always be bringing me back to where my heart is. So with that, a song :) Happy New Year and blessings wherever you are in your own home :)

Your home is where you're happy
It's not where you're not free
Your home is where you can be what you are
'Cause you were just born to be

Now they'll show you their castles
And diamonds for all to see
But, they'll never show you their peace of mind
'Cause they don't know how to be free

So burn all your bridges
Leave your whole life behind
You can do what you want to do
'Cause you're strong in your mind

And, anywhere you might wander
You can make that your home
Just as long as you've got love in your heart
You'll never be alone

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Art of Living

Biting into a crisp apple,
the morning air is cool and fresh.
I wait for the sun to greet me,
I watch for clouds painted in the sky.

The sun rises and warms my cheeks,
I greet it with a smile.
I look for a simple glance,
simple and warm passing by.

The day's stresses begin,
forgetting, waiting, wishing.
The sun and clouds slowly disappear,
the glances are forgotten.

A bird sings an afternoon song,
I pause and breathe and listen.
The sun and clouds reappear,
and too the people's faces.

I smile to another day.
Learning, seeking, understanding,
the art within me, the art in my living,
The Art of Life.

Some pictures of living....
Fall in Arizona??? Yes, at 8,000 feet one can find some interesting color interaction :)

Photography from Tucson's beloved Mt. Lemmon:

¡¡¡¡¡Happy Fall!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arizona's Wildflowers

To my pleasant surprise, southern Arizona is full of a diverse range of plant, wildflower, tree, bird and animal species due to the "Sky Islands" here. "Sky Islands" are various mountain ranges in southern Arizona that are isolated by lowlands of a dramatically different environment, in Arizona's case, the desert! As a result, these mountain ranges vary substantially one to the next, with a complex dynamic of specie diversity. For me, this means a LARGE variety of wildflowers to photograph. YES!!!! And because of the current monsoon season, the wildflowers are in full bloom. This all has been an extremely refreshing surprise as my prior stereotype of desert life included absolutely no wildflowers and very little green :) Enjoy!